teachingdifferently.comWelcome to Teaching Differently, an eLearning experience to help you engage with technology tools for today and tomorrow. The learning opportunities provided at Teaching Differently help you connect to the world around you. You will explore information, concepts, and a variety of skills related to how technology is contributing to reinvent education. You will be engaged with the technology through a carefully crafted sequence of learning experiences that can be directly applied to the classroom or your personal growth.

  • Are you an educator who has been overwhelmed by the rapid development of technology and its implications for learning?
  • Are you an educator who is dabbling in some of the technology tools your school provides for you, but does not support on going training?
  • Are you an educator that wants to be excited when your students show you what they have created on their mobile device?

The technology that surrounds us on a daily basis is the future of our students. It is time to change to student centered learning using authentic learning and real world applications to problem solving. Let Teaching Differently provided the support you need to get started implementing a change in content delivery. We offer a wide variety of self paced content covering many of the basic applications for communication and productivity. Each course will have you connected and creating content in under 20 hours. Our learners need to know – Learning is lifelong. So join us, think differently, reinvent education..

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